"Bielcee miniature poodle puppies at 7 weeks old. By CH. Chrisalettes
Eternal Touch/ out of Idadoun Black N' Unique at Bielcee"

We have the occasional litter of puppies, and they are bred & reared with the utmost love, care & attention.  I am a Kennel Club Accredited Breeder, I strongly believe that anyone who produces a litter of puppies should do it properly. This means that every aspect of having the puppies should be carefully undertaken, not just looking at the best show dog, or the prettiest, but dogs that grow up to be healthy and sound, in body, mind and temperament. They truly should be "Fit for function, fit for life".

Preparation for the litter begins long before the conception with the careful planning of bloodlines, & selection of suitable sires. I ensure that the prospective mother is fit & well, & in good condition to bear & rear healthy puppies. All my poodles are are DNA tested for PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy) and ophthalmically tested before mating. This ensures that hey are free of any eye problems in addition to PRA.The Lhasa Apso are tested ophthalmically too, this is the only test that we have for these so far.

After the puppies are born we ensure that the mother has the best in diet & aftercare, and the youngsters are soon running around & making their presence felt!  The puppies are fed on a high quality complete food with tripe, lamb and tripe, cooked chicken or beef, or tinned tripe mixed in for variety. Scrambled eggs and milky meals are given to start the weaning process. They are wormed according to the veterinary recommended programme from two weeks onwards.

At eight weeks they are given a veterinary check and their first vaccinations. After about another week they are allowed to go to approved homes with four weeks free insurance & puppy information.  To reserve a puppy, we ask for a small deposit for which you will receive a receipt.  At that time the puppy will be kept for you and no further enquiries will be taken on that puppy.  You are welcome to come and see the puppies at a suitable time before you make a decision.

All the puppies are Kennel Club registered, and I am always available for advice or queries via e-mail or phone.

"Bielcee Honey Bunch, Bielcee Eternal Flame, & Bielcee Dream Lover aged 8 weeks "


"Bielcee Ricky Gervais, Bielcee Touch of Class & Bielcee Eternal Fire aged 8 weeks."